Book Launch: Eigensinnige Orte // Stubborn Places, Haus am Waldsee 26.10.23

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AND HAND RETURN / Aquamediale 14, 2021


Gespräch: Denken im Matsch, Alex Gross / Knut Ebeling, 21.9.2019


making futures

Making Futures School

August 30th – September 15th, 2019
Haus der Statistik, Berlin  Udk/Raumlabor

Over the course of two weeks, over 80 participants will take part in a diverse curriculum convened by practitioners in the field of spatial practices. Acting as a non-disciplinary learning environment, the School proposes, designs, builds, negotiates, maintains, performs and celebrates an educational and convivial space in and around Haus der Statistik, Berlin. At the same time, it becomes a dynamic actor within a process of urban transformation, serving as a common sphere of action between participants, neighbours and civic society.

Facilitators Practice Track: J.Walter, S.Stavrides, A.Gross



Nesselbrunnen: Anna Mields/ Alex Gross, 2019 LAB Montage


Dance of Abjection, 2016, pencil on Paper, 97 x 125 cm.



o.T. , 2017, pencil on Paper, 95 x 127 cm.




Die Lustige Grube / Infernoesque publication now available,

distributed by Pascal Richter

die lustige grubeDie Lustige Grube, Alex Gross, 2013, INFERNOESQUE Berlin