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CV Alex Gross
Born in Berlin, Germany, 1975.
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Alex Gross grew up in Berlin, Germany. He studied Fine Art at the Universitaet der Künste in Berlin, received his degree (Absolvent) in 2003 and was granted a master-student degree by Prof. Anthony Cragg in 2004. He than moved to Glasgow, Scotland were he stayed 6 years. Funded by the DAAD he continued his studies in Fine Art and received his MA at the Glasgow School of Art in 2006.
Alex Gross has exhibited his work intensively on many venues in Europe, America and Australia. Recent shows include a Solo Exhibition at the prestigious Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, Galerie Lena Brüning (Berlin, group show), Collective Gallery Edinburgh (UK) and participation in the Glasgow International Festival of Fine Art 10, Edinburgh Arts Festival and „Blickwechsel“ , RUHR 2010.
From 2010 – 2016 he was teaching as Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter at the Chair of Fine Art at the Institute of Architecture, Prof. Dr. Bürkle, Technical University Berlin. Since October 2017 he is Lehrbeauftragter for the art foundation course at the BTK-Berlin. Currently he is writing his Dr. phil. on “Gehen im Matsch”.



2008    New Work Scotland
2008    British Council Travel Grant
2008    Scottish Arts Council (visual art professional development grant)
2007    Glasgow City Council Grant Scheme
2006    Tramway Artist Residency
2004/5 DAAD Postgraduierten-Stipendium
2002     Erasmus-Stipendium Barcelona, Spain


Solo Exhibitions and 2-person shows

2013     “Die Lustige Grube”, temporäre Architektur, Jugendpark WBM, 31.5. – 27.9.2013,    INFERNOESQUE Berlin.

2012     Leguano Bay , with Tobias Becker, Boutique, Köln

2012     Farbenlehre, with Anna Mields, Infernoesque Project Space, Berlin

2011     Midnight Mountain, Galerie Axel Obiger

2011    „White Knight“ with Anna Mields, Collective Gallery Edinburgh 2011

2010    “Tauschbörse für ungeliebte Zimmerpflanzen”, Herten, Blickwechsel, RUHR 2010

2010    “Into the Desert”, with Sandy Smith, Infernoesque, Berlin

2009    “Swamp Thing”, Scottish Solo Show, Transmission Gallery Glasgow

2008    New Work Scotland with Sandy Smith, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh, U.K.

2008   “The Object Moved by its Own Success” with Sandy Smith, CUAC, Utah, USA

2008   “Untitled Clay Mount” with Sandy Smith, First Friday Event, Las Vegas, Nevada

2008   “Blockbuster” with Sandy Smith, Crawl Space, Seattle, Washington, USA

2007    “Out of the Wrong came the Sweetness” mit Steven Murray, Low Salt Gallery

2007    “Cabbage Head”, GSS-Gallery, Glasgow, U.K.

2007    “NEUBAU”, Galeri Box, Akureyri, Iceland

2006    “Gas Station 2”, artist residency, Tramway Museum Glasgow, U.K.

2006    “Fountain of Youth” mit Laura Aldridge, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow, U.K.

2004    “Level”, Galerie SPHN iumg, Berlin, Germany

2003    “Raumgerät” Kollaboration mit Tobias Becker, gdk Projektraum, Berlin, Germany



Group Exhibitions (selection)

2016    Drawn to Affect, Rogue Studios; Manchester, U.K.

2015    Living with Borders, M.A.R.S. Museum, LA, USA

2014    Fermentation of the Mind, Gift-Gallery, Berlin

2013    role play, screening, Cirrus Gallery, LA

2012    Escapism devices , co/lab art fair, LA, INFERNOESQUE Berlin.

2012    Tramway Festival of Artists Moving Image, Tramway Museum, Glasgow

2010    Scottish Screen , PIST Istanbul

2010    Tape modern (Berlin), no. 18

2010    symposion, AHM, performance of manifestos, Glasgow

2010    schnell und schmutzig, Kunstfestival, Berlin

2010    Katalog launch, RUHR 2010, Blickwechsel Ausstellungsreihe, Künstlerdorf

2010    “Shelflife”, Edinburgh Arts Festival, U.K.

2010    Infernoesque, Galerie Lena Bruning, Berlin

2010    “TNT” Tankstelle, Kopenhagen

2010    “Build Overnight”, Annuale Edinburgh

2010    Glasgow International (GI), „Pilzexperimentalarchitektur“ for Vestigues Park, LOW SALT, off-site, Glasgow, U.K.

2010    Glasgow International (GI), FINN, „Kiss of Life“, Glue Factory, U.K.

2009    Preview Berlin contemporary Art Fair , „Das Floss der Medusa“, with Tobias Becker, Galerie Hunchentoot

2008     “Die Die Die”, Transmission Gallery Members Show, Glasgow, U.K.

2008    „Wood Death Architecture“, West Princess Street, Glasgow, U.K.

2007    „I like to move it“, Heidestrasse, Berlin, Germany

2007    „FINN Sawshow“, sawdoctors, Glasgow

2006    „Marks and Comments“, Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark

2006    „Hiscox MFA-show”, Tramway, Glasgow

2006    ‘The Invisible Reading Room’, New Wave Festival, Melbourne, Australia.

2005    ‘Grand Coalation’, Gallery Wag Das, London, U.K.

2005    ‘219km Berlin-Rostock’, Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock, Germany.

2005    ‘Zeichnung Skulptur’, Galerie Seitz und Partner Berlin, Germany.



Permanent public sculptures

2012    Architektur als Handlungsraum, collaboration with Anna Mields, concrete landscape, Robert-Blum Schule, Berlin. In Zusammenarbeit mit S. Fener und Kunstagenten.

2009    untitled piece of wood, Royal Infirmary, Horticulture, Edinburgh,
in collaboration with Artlink.


Talks and lectures

2013    “Chemie / Alchemie / Kunst – Alchemistische Strategien der Verwandlung in der   Bildhauerei des 20./21. Jahrhunderts”, TU-Berlin

2011    “On Architecture and Failure“, Clarkson University, Potsdam, New York, USA

2011    „Road Trip“, mit Sandy Smith, University of Sunderland. U.K.

2011    „Into the Desert“, mit Sandy Smith, Infernoesque Galerie, Berlin
2011    „Kiss of Life“, Glasgow International, Talk für Spin Scotland Vortragsreihe, U.K.

2008    Lecture mit Sandy Smith, BYU University, Provo, Utah
2008    Lecture mit Sandy Smith, Snow College, Ephraim, Utah

2007    Glasgow Sculpture Studios, GSS-Gallery, Alex Gross
2007    Spin Scotland Vortragsreihe, Alex Gross, “Cabbage Head”, Bridgegate

2006    Hiscox Workshop, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow
2006    “We come in Peace”, Centre for Contemporary Art CCA, Glasgow
2006    Spin Scotland, MFA-Show Tramway, Danny Marti / Alex Gross, Hidden Gardens
2006    Alex Gross, Tramway artist residency, Tramway Museum

Realisation of Exhibitions and Seminars as Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter 
at the Chair of Fine Art, Prof. Dr. Bürkle, Institute of Architecture, TU-BERLIN :
Modell in Wirklichkeit, (BA) 2010, exhibition at Plattenvereinigung, Behrenshalle
Mobile Stadtteile (BA) 2010, exhibition at Lichthof TU-Berlin
Body Build (BA) 2011, 2012, 2013, exhibition at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in 2012
Photo Safari (BA) 2011, 2012, 2013, exhibition at Studio Baustelle in 2012
Furnished City (MA) 2011, 2012, exhibition Studio Baustelle, 48h Neukölln 2012
Ummöbeln (MA) 2011, exhibition at Foyer, IFA
Der ZOO (MA) 2011
Schallschlucker (MA) 2012
Vermöbelter Stadtraum (MA) 2013
Chemie / Alchemie / Kunst (MA) 2014
Guest Critics
Lido Lost, 2011, TU-Berlin
StudioBerlin, UdK-Berlin/University of Illinois, 2012
Architekturen im Winterschlaf, 2013, TU-Berlin



2014    INFERNOESQUE-Pascal Richter, “Die lustige Grube”, ISBN 978-3-00-045024-2

Bestellung unter Pascal Richter:

2009    “Swamp Thing”, ISBN 978-0-9529002-8-3, distributed by Transmission
Bestellung unter:

2008    “WOOD DEATH ARCHITECTURE”, ISBN 978-1-899551-44-6,distributed by    Cornerhouse
Bestellung unter:

2006     “Evil Ping Pong Tables”, artist book


Group catalogues

2012     Blatt Blad 60, forlag höfundanna, ISSN 1431-3537

2011     Blickwechsel, Kerber Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86678-476-5

2009     MAP, Issue 16, ISSN 1745-4484